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Frequently Asked Questions

Top Five Frequently Asked Canadian Mortgage Financing Questions

1. Where in Canada does MyMortgage.ca lend?
2. Does MyMortgage.ca pre-approve clients?
3. How long does it take to get a reply from
4. Does MyMortgage.ca do commercial mortgages?
5. Why use a mortgage associate?

More Frequently Asked Canadian Mortgage Financing Questions

Are there always penalties when I switch my Canadian mortgage to another lender?
At the end of the term of my mortgage is the lender obligated to renew my mortgage?
Can I get a Canadian mortgage on a Canadian rental property?
Do I have to take mortgage life insurance?
Do you have to own a home to qualify for a debt consolidation loan?
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Is there a benefit to going with a bi-weekly payment?
Is there cost to use a mortgage associate?
Is there ever a good time to break my closed mortgage and pay the prepayment penalties?
Should I take a short-term Canadian mortgage or a long-term Canadian mortgage?
What can I do if I have variable interest rate mortgage and interest rates start to rise?
What is a fixed rate mortgage?
What is a high ratio or insured mortgage?
What is a variable interest rate mortgage?
What is amortization?
What is an open mortgage?
What is the difference between a mortgage co-signer and a mortgage guarantor?
Will MyMortgage.ca release my personal information to any third parties?