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MyMortgage.ca Company Profile


  • “Our mandate is to offer the best Canadian mortgage financing products for your needs. We take great pride in delivering the lowest mortgage
    rates available while ensuring efficient,
    personalized service,” confirms Mr. Deering - Owner of MyMortgage.ca.
  • “Today’s consumer is looking for optimum solutions with minimal hassle. Due to our solid relationships with established mortgage lenders, we are able to secure the best Canadian mortgage rates in a timely manner.” Mr. Inaba - Broker of MyMortgage.ca.


MyMortgage.ca was founded by president and mortgage professional, Sheldon Deering. Mr. Deering has been in the Canadian mortgage industry since before he founded his first company ProLink Mortgage in 2000. With the vision to expand further into the Canadian mortgage market and be a front-runner with major Canadian lending institutions MyMortgage.ca was established. The evolution of years of brokerage experience that Mr. Deering has helped him further recognise the significant need for the accessibility to great Canadian mortgage rates and personalized services. So with the vision to expand further into the Canadian mortgage market and be a front-runner with major Canadian lending institutions MyMortgage.ca was officially opened 1 December 2009, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.


One of MyMortgage.ca's main business objectives is to educate the Canadian public about the importance of Canadian mortgage brokers. MyMortgage.ca is currently building new offices across Canada to enable more clients to have the privilege of having our services more readily available to them.


Our commitment is to deal on your behalf with a variety of potential Canadian mortgage lenders and present a proposal for financing in the best and most efficient way possible to help you successfully obtain your Canadian mortgage financing loan.


Value in the Canadian mortgage industry typically is defined by one thing - low interest rates. However only until recently have the major banks in Canada decided to offer rates below posted and in comparison MyMortgage.ca has been offering and advertising the lowest Canadian mortgage rates since day one!


In any business trust is the fundamental key of a company's success and in today’s Canadian business world having the proper credentials as well as the appropriate support is absolutely essential. This is why at MyMortgage.ca we have taken all the necessary steps to be aligned with various Canadian mortgage associations. MyMortgage.ca goes the distance to earn your trust because we want your business today and in the future.

Below are some of the following institutions, organisations and programs that MyMortgag.ca supports, has adopted and has become members of:


MyMortgage.ca adheres to the highest standards in the Canadian mortgage industry. All of its mortgage associates are dedicated to providing Canadian mortgage financing related services through the unequalled exercise of professionalism, innovation and integrity.We at MyMortgage.ca are all active licensed mortgage associates operating competently and always putting our clients' interests first.


At MyMortgage.ca our clients save money and have their Canadian mortgage loans close quickly because we utilise the most advanced mortgage technology available. With this advanced Canadian mortgage financing processing software, and automated mortgage underwriting systems we are able to coordinated and speed up the mortgage process and deliver the best and most efficient service possible.


MyMortgage.ca helps our clients find solutions to their specific mortgage financing needs. We have access to more than 50 Canadian mortgage lenders that compete for your mortgage business. As a result, MyMortgage.ca can offer a wide variety of mortgage products. In addition to providing Canadian mortgage financing and refinancing for traditional residential real estate, first and second mortgages, MyMortgage.ca also offers a wide variety of flexible mortgage options for clients who are self-employed and cannot verify income. As well as obtaining Canadian financing for investment real estate, second homes and vacation properties, MyMortgage.ca can also provide bad/poor credit mortgage options for clients who may have poor credit or no credit history at all.