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Val Labrecque

Val was born and raised in Northern Alberta but has made Edmonton her home for the past 15+ years. She’s a mortgage associate with MyMortgage.ca, an investor, a landlady, and an empowerer of clients; building relationships and encouraging others to take action are two of Val’s greatest joys. Goal setting and personal growth are important to her and she encourages others to do the same.


Before discovering the power of real estate, Val worked as a pharmacy technician at the University of Alberta Hospital In-Patient Pharmacy. While the worlds of a pharmacy tech and a mortgage associate may seem worlds apart, many of the skills are transferable. An eye for detail and accuracy, the patience to review pertinent info, and the ability to problem solve and perform intricate calculations served Val well in both her chosen professions. She’s an enthusiastic hard worker that devotes her full time and energy to helping her clients into their fist home or to build a rental portfolio of their own.


Val follows current events and their effects on the Edmonton and Northern Alberta real estate markets. She’s also continually educating herself on the latest lender products. Being a member of CAAMP (Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals) and AMBA (Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association) is important to Val because they personify her values of integrity, trustworthiness, and professional excellence.


In her spare time, Val enjoys hiking, biking, jogging, playing volleyball and playing in the ocean whenever she can. Val also loves to connect with friends and clients using social media. Like Val on Facebook and talk real estate with her!


Val Labrecque

Mortgage Associate


EDM LOCAL: 780-221-1777

PH: 1-877-270-7424

FX: 1-877-471-5111

EMAIL: val@mortgageval.ca

WEB: www.MortgageVal.ca

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/MortgageVal.ca

TWITTER: www.twitter.com/MortgageVal